Crocoparty — the most famous party game based on guessing words in a group of people. In our country, Crocoparty is played on a major entertainment channel each week, and there are multiple Crocoparty clubs across the country. It’s almost like sport, but it’s a board game. The official box has the best of thousand of game sessions.
Nefarious — a game by Donald X. Vaccarino about crazy scientists. The very first release sold like hot cakes at Essen.
Comparity — a series of games based on bluffing and knowledge. Which movie was released earlier? Which one cost more? Which animal lives longer? Comparity has outstanding replayability compared with familiar game series.
Jackal — the number one strategy on the Russian market developed at the country’s most famous university – MSU. You disembark on a pirates’ island made of tiles and explore it looking for treasures.
Mindmaze — a collection of strange stories that you need to untangle by asking “yes” and “no” questions. A huge and largely successful game series that is on the Top 5 list of country-wide sales.
Nightmarium — a simple, yet incredibly beautiful game about building monsters from pieces.